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Unfussy, neighborhood counter serve offering specialty pies, slices, heroes, calzones & other eats.

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Jerome's Pizza & Pasta is currently located at 21 Bedford Park Blvd E. Order your favorite pizza, pasta, salad, and more, all with the click of a button. Unfussy, neighborhood counter serve to offer specialty pies, slices, heroes, calzones & other eats.

Open 7 Days A Week

Mon-Sat: 10:00AM - 11:00PM | Sun: 10:00AM - 9:30PM

Jerome's Pizza & Pasta accepts orders online for pickup and delivery.

Est. since 1989


What Our Customers say

  • 5 star ratingThe best pizza place in the neighborhood. Quality is always good and food is made fresh.

    Stephanie P. Avatar
    Stephanie P.

    5 star ratingJerome has some of the best pizza and Italian food in all of New York. I recommend the Meatball Parm... read more

    Adam B. Avatar
    Adam B.

    5 star ratingThe "Grandma" pizza is one of the best I've tasted anywhere in NYC. More expensive than a regular slice but... read more

    Benny V. Avatar
    Benny V.
  • 5 star ratingDelicious pizza and the lasagna with garlic bread with cheese is killer !!! Great food and great service every time!

    Belinda H. Avatar
    Belinda H.

    5 star ratingBest Pizza in the area. The cheese is so gooey and the sauce is juat right. Warm welcome every time... read more

    Jennifer V. Avatar
    Jennifer V.

    5 star ratingIn a neighborhood with plenty of pizzeria competition, this is the only place I will order from. Grandma aka "square"... read more

    Adriana A. Avatar
    Adriana A.
  • 5 star ratingBeen coming here for almost 9 years now haven't been back for almost 3 years now now and it hasn't... read more

    Jessie A. Avatar
    Jessie A.

    5 star ratingBest pizza ever. My delivery is always on time and the pizza is always delicious and hot! Very cheesy like... read more

    Barbara M. Avatar
    Barbara M.

    5 star ratingStopped in for a quick slice in between classes.. not really expecting much. Just something to hold me over for... read more

    Lalo H. Avatar
    Lalo H.
  • 5 star ratingMy favorite pizzeria!!! Pizza is amazing, never disappoints. Occasionally, my family and I will order pasta or chicken tenders with... read more

    S C. Avatar
    S C.

    5 star ratingGreat food. Pizza and chicken rolls are great. Theres 2 diners and 2 chinese take outs. I often choose Pizza... read more

    Manny O. Avatar
    Manny O.

    5 star ratingAwesome place. Friendly service and not only do they smile in greeting as they get to know you but we'll... read more

    Daniel M. Avatar
    Daniel M.
  • 5 star ratingEverything is made fresh and to order. I've enjoyed both their grandma slices and pasta dishes. One night I ordered... read more

    Courtney F. Avatar
    Courtney F.

    5 star ratingNot bad. I just had better.
    Ok so i came back n got the spinach pizza this time. Soooooo good....
    read more

    Vizzy M. Avatar
    Vizzy M.

    5 star ratingWe have tried all the pizza places that deliver in Kingsbridge and this one is by far the best. When... read more

    Hannah W. Avatar
    Hannah W.

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New York Daily News

The slice is right

Jerome’s Pizza & Restaurant is one of those local slice joints that serves seriously good pizza.More than 30 years old, it has a classic look with plastic-lettered signs and formica booths. The go-to slice, says counterman Alfredo Bravo, is the rectangular Grandma with stripes of mozzarella with basil and garlicky crushed tomato sauce. “Everybody in